Dried meat from Valerka

So, its time to tell the recipe of the dried meat which was prepared by my Dad for my road. It helped me several times and not only me

1. We need beef or pork without fat as after several months the fat will start to become old and will smell like old fat and it’s not so pleasant to eat such a meat. So it’s more preferable to have beef. You should take exactly fillet.

2. Cut the meat for pieces with thickness about 1 centimeter and the main point – it should be cut across the grains. The size of the pieces might be different, more preferable – of the size of small chocolate “Milka”.

3. Gather all the meat to enameled pan pouring down the salt. If it is too much salt – no problems, it’s possible to soak it. No pepper, no spices – for you not to spoil the real taste of meat.

4. Take smth round and plain (plate or smth like this), cover the meat in the pan and put on top smth heavy, like weight 10 – 20 kilos and put it to the fridge with the temperature +3 +5’C. Let it stay there for 7 days.

5. In 7 days take it away from the fridge, wash it and try for the salt – if it is too salty, so soak it in the water for some time.

6. Put the meat on the hook and hang out to draught in the dry place. In the village it will be attic floor, in the town – balcony. You should dry it for 10 days.

7. After drying wrap it in parchment and start your road to adventures!!!

Bon appétit!!!

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