Today I see Malinka. I am so bored by she during the journey. She is a special person … I told her thanks for this great!
trans Eburg Hоuse
DSC07553 (Мелкий)

DSC07557 (Мелкий)

DSC07558 (Мелкий)

Australians round the world travelers. Along with them went from Tyumen to Yekaterinburg.

DSC07566 (Мелкий)

in Yekaterinburg. Before meeting with Malinka 1,5 hours :) )))

DSC07567 (Мелкий)

DSC07571 (Мелкий)

my dear and have dear friends Roman and Paule from Yekaterinburg

DSC07585 (Мелкий)

riding motorcycles

DSC07591 (Мелкий)

dinner for Ukrainian in Russia:)

DSC07593 (Мелкий)

DSC07594 (Мелкий)

Paha  followed …. definitely come to Yekaterinburg !!!!!!!!!

DSC07595 (Мелкий) (2)

DSC07596 (Мелкий)

the first car with Ukrainian lisense plate  that I met for two months:)

DSC07602 (Мелкий)

DSC07606 (Мелкий)

Arthur, from some villages. We met at the railway crossing. Gave him my motorcycle gloves, I only had three pairs. As he was happy!! And I doubly pleased:)

DSC07613 (Мелкий)

DSC07616 (Мелкий)

My friend from Togliatti

DSC07617 (Мелкий)

DSC07619 (Мелкий)

DSC07621 (Мелкий)

DSC07622 (Мелкий)

Railway station in Samara

DSC07634 (Мелкий)

Photos from the observation platform of railway station, where he took me on a tour Sergey Sicura.

DSC07640 (Мелкий)


DSC07643 (Мелкий)

Zhiguli Hills

DSC07644 (Мелкий)

DSC07654 (Мелкий)

Sergei, his little boy and their cat:)

DSC07648 (Мелкий)

IL-2 Sturmovik. Aircraft of the Great Patriotic War.

DSC07657 (Мелкий)

Here such kiosks in Samara. A haven for beer connoisseurs. Fresh beer straight from the factory and beer all that the soul desires.

DSC07650 (Мелкий)

Sergei Bakhmet and his Africa Twin. Traveler, the year before went to Vladivostok.

DSC07659 (Мелкий)


DSC07662 (Мелкий)

all night all the talk about the Africa Twin and travel. I love these interlocutors:)

DSC07663 (Мелкий)

Serega earns penny :) ))))))))))

DSC07664 (Мелкий)

DSC07666 (Мелкий)

Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd

DSC07669 (Мелкий)

morning. Last night in tents. Adventure is nearing the finish line. I’m 310 miles from Taganrog where I was already waiting for my favorite Uncle Vova. And from there 341 miles, and are waiting for my family and my best friends parents!

DSC07671 (Мелкий)

Leaving a place to sleep decided to jump the road and the ground as a Cross-Road trampolines. So cool when loaded with Africa Twin two wheels detached from the earth …. at the next landing of the front wheel hits the boulder, a disc cuts through the camera and we fall:) fun ….

DSC07673 (Мелкий)

Assistants do not have to wait long:)

DSC07674 (Мелкий)

DSC07675 (Мелкий)

Here such cut. Lid itself was soft and needed to keep the pressure more than usual in this case. But I ignored it, for which he paid 30 minutes. Although, on the other hand, nowhere in no hurry, and repair the wheel for me, one of the favorite activities:)

DSC07681 (Мелкий)

steppes of the Rostov region

DSC07682 (Мелкий)

DSC07689 (Мелкий)

Last journey for lunch at the roadside …. Last soup, tea …

DSC07685 (Мелкий)

rest on the straw …

DSC07690 (Мелкий)

Again, sex with a front wheel. At this time made itself felt that a big cut. Patch broke down and detached. I stood at the curb, and voted that someone had stopped and handed the camera to the nearest tire, what would it vulcanized, as the patches do not hold. An hour later, stopped one of a kind man on the Lada and offered me a piece of the camera. Riding on the tire he had no time. But thanks for that. Sealed chamber and a piece of rubber cement that I had with me and who is not one time I was rescued. He gave me his neighbor in the garage Vasily Sergeyevich, for which many thanks to him!!

DSC07691 (Мелкий)

happened between Moscow-Rostov, off the road was not possible. Therefore had to be repaired right up near the hammer, and a number of trucks ….

DSC07697 (Мелкий)

In this city, I spent every summer of his childhood. Here lives my favorite uncle Vova, Olga, and sister loved nephews Klim and Rada. I love them very much. VERY!

DSC07701 (Мелкий)

his uncle’s house is located right on the shore of the Azov Sea. Paradise!

DSC07708 (Мелкий)

day when I’m home! From Taganrog to 341 Mile House !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC07709 (Мелкий)

DSC07712 (Мелкий)

passed customs. I’m on UKRAINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at this point I phoned my parents and close friends.

DSC07718 (Мелкий)

And this is my home. Before meeting with parents and family exactly 1.2 miles. I wept like a child …… a journey of 16,000 miles. finished ….. I so waited for this moment, just when I get back.It was interesting that I would survive. A subtle feelings, real, different …

x 0368c52d Eburg Hоuse

my own street where I grew up. By which I first rolled on a bicycle, the first time sat on a motorbike Carpathians, the first time left in the Crimea on a motorcycle Dnepr, aged 18 .. And now I’m going to her home from a trip that changed my life ..!!!

x 501f9e00 Eburg Hоuse

My best friend, Dad !!!!!!!!

x 1ae00b58 Eburg Hоuse

My favorite, dear Mommykins !!!!!

x f2e082a3 Eburg Hоuse

x cd551830 Eburg Hоuse

x 7a623429 Eburg Hоuse

All of our friendly and happy family! Lyuba, my dear beloved sister!!

x f56e0146 Eburg Hоuse

Lyuba with Vova (son in law) did was such a surprise:)

x 31d36bb4 Eburg Hоuse

x 66f77bff Eburg Hоuse

x 56daaa7c Eburg Hоuse

x baa217fc Eburg Hоuse

then it was a mega meal ….

DSC07721 (Мелкий)

At home, I rested, wash all my things and went on to Kiev, where I met friends and life again became gray paint. All my feelings and experiences I’ve put in the book, there will only say one thing – I do not dwell on this, but going forward, and following my journey will be even more long, interesting and rich.Experience was added enough bike I chose the correct (for 16000 miles of any breakage, I like Honda), and the globe is very large – have to go. This is my life and I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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