Telephoned to the Altai. Waiting! And what do you need on the road when there is a motorcycle, water, petrol, music … that would have been waiting for!
trans Irkutsk Eburg
DSC07338 (Мелкий)

road Irkutsk – Krasnoyarsk

DSC07341 (Мелкий)

DSC07342 (Мелкий)

looking to Africa Twin overnight. She has already found, left me:)

DSC07344 (Мелкий)

tent set, motorboats removed, the music is playing, Malinochka (girlfriend) waiting for the soup is boiling – happiness …..

DSC07349 (Мелкий)

divine morning

DSC07350 (Мелкий)

location was chosen one of the best – someone mowing

DSC07351 (Мелкий)

DSC07352 (Мелкий)

decided to go on the road a short way, do not go around the path. But there was a good break, from which slid with eyes closed:)

DSC07354 (Мелкий)

with long-haul truckers on the move

DSC07355 (Мелкий)

Cemetery confiscated motorcycle near Krasnoyarsk

DSC07358 (Мелкий)

finished areas with bad roads, Mitas E-09 worked at 100%, it’s time to retire

DSC07362 (Мелкий)

it passed 10 000 km.

DSC07359 (Мелкий)

DSC07367 (Мелкий)

Uncle Kolya from Krasnoyarsk. Mega Man !!!!!! That we had gone looking for mushrooms, for an hour have collected more than two buckets of brown cap boletus:)

DSC07366 (Мелкий)

Aspen is

DSC07365 (Мелкий)


DSC07380 (Мелкий)

The next day I met the Italians – round the world travelers. Husband and wife on a motorcycle! shared with them contact the guys from the east, exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Earth is round:)

DSC07378 (Мелкий)

Translyap 600, fighting machine!! Iron frame, carburetor …

DSC07384 (Мелкий)

monument potatoes in Mariinsk, Kemerovo region

DSC07405 (Мелкий)

DSC07406 (Мелкий)

travelers from Germany, sent to Mongolia

DSC07407 (Мелкий)

DSC07408 (Мелкий)

Like all Germans – they go on GS:)

DSC07410 (Мелкий)

DSC07412 (Мелкий)

cooler, a thermometer showed 32F, but I still go up to 200km Teletskoje lake in the Altai.

DSC07414 (Мелкий)

before dinner and hot water to 73milе

DSC07419 (Мелкий)

Teletskoe lake. Depth 1148ft, length 46 miles., The water temperature in the summer of 50F.

DSC07421 (Мелкий)

DSC07422 (Мелкий)

DSC07423 (Мелкий)

Iogach city, where lives a childhood friend of my father.

DSC07424 (Мелкий)

I have lived here for three days:)

DSC07436 (Мелкий)

drying things after washing

DSC07435 (Мелкий)

one of the bags was designed as a food, a lot of slapped me in the way good people:) here stew and jam and pastries …

DSC07448 (Мелкий)

DSC07449 (Мелкий)

DSC07453 (Мелкий)

DSC07455 (Мелкий)

ambushed ducks

DSC07457 (Мелкий)

DSC07474 (Мелкий)

DSC07475 (Мелкий)

DSC07479 (Мелкий)

DSC07487 (Мелкий)

DSC07493 (Мелкий)

DSC07500 (Мелкий)

this is Montana, a colorful local resident. His hair, real.

DSC07513 (Мелкий)

one of the rivers that empties into the lake.

DSC07517 (Мелкий)

DSC07518 (Мелкий)

DSC07531 (Мелкий)

Sturgeon shish kebab, delicious fish !!!!!

DSC07532 (Мелкий)

day of departure. It did not want to leave, enjoyed on the lake, many of which did not have time to see. There will be an occasion to come yet!

DSC07547 (Мелкий)

And this my friends, family motorcyclists from Novosibirsk, about them, you must read in the book.

DSC07549 (Мелкий)

DSC07550 (Мелкий)

Lunch and drying things

DSC07551 (Мелкий)

last part: (

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