Baikal Lake terminal, I still remember from geography lessons. Teacher Zhuravel Nikolai talked a lot about it, but the probability to see his pupil Svetlogorsk school was equal to minus 2, dreams come true!

DSC06845 resize Irkutck Nahodka

clean water of Lake Baikal

DSC06849 resize Irkutck Nahodka

put a new set of chain – sprockets DID gold:)

DSC06846 resize Irkutck Nahodka

iron man the boys in the Bike House for Irkutsk

DSC06852 resize Irkutck Nahodka

started to rain. Sent in Ulan-Ude

DSC06853 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Sasha also worn in the rain protective gear:)

DSC06854 resize Irkutck Nahodka

the rain did not stop until the Ulan-Ude. Distance from Irkutsk is not great, but the road winding and wet, so come only at night.

 Irkutck Nahodka

 Irkutck Nahodka

the next morning, Sasha’s brother showed us the city and Ivolginsky Dotsan. More information about the visit and the history of this site can read in the book, and while that photo

 Irkutck Nahodka

Ulan-Ude is the Buryat Republic, so the entire city can be found here such monuments to soldiers

 Irkutck Nahodka

and their horses

 Irkutck Nahodka

approaching dotsanu, Russia’s center of Buddhism.

 Irkutck Nahodka

 Irkutck Nahodka

turning the wheel – make a wish

 Irkutck Nahodka

 Irkutck Nahodka

This palace is closed. It is not smoldering body of the Lama, which is bringing only eight times a year. This I will write more.

 Irkutck Nahodka

 Irkutck Nahodka

guide told, and we listened

 Irkutck Nahodka

had dinner at Sasha’s relatives. The children gave me their cards and drawings.

 Irkutck Nahodka

I went farther east. The boys went to Mongolia.

DSC06857 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06858 resize Irkutck Nahodka

rain comes again: (

DSC06859 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06860 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Vladik throw up …. 2098 to Khabarovsk, and then another 800 and HURRAY !!!!!

DSC06861 resize Irkutck Nahodka

chose the site for overnight

DSC06863 resize Irkutck Nahodka

tea at night – something that must be!

DSC06864 resize Irkutck Nahodka


DSC06865 resize Irkutck Nahodka

cyclists from Murmansk to Vladivostok

DSC06867 resize Irkutck Nahodka

time Mitas E-09 check. Started bad road (pederalka). 700-800 km without asphalt through the taiga:)

DSC06868 resize Irkutck Nahodka

machine on the tire could not take my wheels, but I’m not disappointed, because I can do it all myself for half an hour with the installation of blades and a good mood:) but it was!! But I approached to what most thought, what was most afraid of and what is most wanted – pederalka!

DSC06869 resize Irkutck Nahodka

here it is at its best! The best kind – is when the pour and bumpers. Bears are not so easily go on the road, and this, plus some dry pants:)

DSC06870 resize Irkutck Nahodka

to the east, suddenly disappeared on the current dashboard and the tachometer needle began to twitch. Not scared, because I know that in Africa, unforeseen situations can not be for several reasons: first – I have it myself ready for the road, the second-no minimum Computers & Electronics. And he did – unscrew minus Clem on battery from shaking.

DSC06871 resize Irkutck Nahodka

scattered all and screw it into place, and still managed to get a tan. People – no one bears – no one, mosquito-darkness!! Long-distance car was not enough, as raised duties on imports. On one side is good – there is no dust on the road from them, but on the other side you fall, God forbid, or something, it was only a bear and find you here:)

DSC06874 resize Irkutck Nahodka

feature of the drive on a road: We must go at least 100km / h and preferably in a rack on his feet. The risk of falling increases by an order, but less jolting.

DSC06875 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06878 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06879 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Here is one of the few importers of cars

DSC06880 resize Irkutck Nahodka

refueling. The pump pumps from diesel generators. Therefore, gasoline is very expensive. For comparison: in Samara, 20 rubles per 1 liter, and is 30 rubles.

DSC06882 resize Irkutck Nahodka

and then a miracle happened. At the meeting I was going the same crazy-loner San Jung from Seoul. That was a meeting !!!!!!!!! All the details are in the book. It was a super party in the taiga!!

DSC06883 resize Irkutck Nahodka

we decided to put the camp together, and build on the meeting is not a great Tayga-Party.

DSC06884 resize Irkutck Nahodka

He had a soup and I have …

DSC06885 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Two liters UKRAINIAN LANDLINE brew !!!!!

DSC06886 resize Irkutck Nahodka

there were no signs of trouble. Well brew and moonshine, well, that is terrible, I thought …

DSC06887 resize Irkutck Nahodka

- “Enough enough enough” said San Joon

- “There is not enough already, I insisted:)

DSC06888 resize Irkutck Nahodka

then were talking about the road, women, motorcycles ….

DSC06891 resize Irkutck Nahodka

then the morning ..

DSC06892 resize Irkutck Nahodka

would be better if it did not occur

DSC06893 resize Irkutck Nahodka

would be better if it did not occur

DSC06894 resize Irkutck Nahodka

came out on the road out of the forest, where we spent the night

DSC06896 resize Irkutck Nahodka

found on the road the bus, which carried about lunches construction crews. Ate drank hot tea for a penny

DSC06900 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06901 resize Irkutck Nahodka

it’s time to leave. Did not want to! But Sang Joon need to get to England and to me Vlad. And then on the same road back. I promised the girl cook, which saved us from starving to death, bring a souvenir from Vladivostok. I brought!

DSC06895 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06902 resize Irkutck Nahodka


DSC06904 resize Irkutck Nahodka

I found a stream and replenished the supply of water

DSC06905 resize Irkutck Nahodka

water is cold, cold, and very yum-yum

DSC06906 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Autobahn! Tires excellent!

DSC06908 resize Irkutck Nahodka

Moscow guys met in the cruisers. Yes, I do not envy them at the time. Speed 30 km / h but also on such bikes are a danger to break the frame and wheels, that the guys with the success they did. I met with them later in Vladivostok, they told me about road … Back by plane!

DSC06909 resize Irkutck Nahodka

DSC06910 resize Irkutck Nahodka

27.06.09_ 113

DSC06911 resize Irkutck Nahodka

see, is a tractor on the roadside, and on it the driver of bread spread with sausage and waving her hand to me, inviting me for tea!
DSC06912 resize Irkutck Nahodka

talked about life, about women, about his tractor and my Africa Twin:)

DSC06916 resize1 Irkutck Nahodka

I went on. Looking at the front say that less than two days I drove 2400km to Nakhodka, on the one forced to rest for three hours. All the details of this not very pleasant stories in the book.

DSC06918 resize Irkutck Nahodka

spill the Amur River. Drove up to Khabarovsk

DSC06921 resize Irkutck Nahodka

C.P. Khabarovsk

DSC06922 resize Irkutck Nahodka

China left

DSC06923 resize Irkutck Nahodka

ate on the run. My father prepared me for the road,pemmican. So I cut it until refueled motorcycle. Then he puts it ahead in the bag and ate and drank the water without stopping.

DSC06924 resize Irkutck Nahodka


DSC06926 resize Irkutck Nahodka

I rode to Nakhodka, there was held gathering “at the edge of the earth”

you have here:)

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