Here’s my route, a blue color indicated the deviation on the way back.

1 (Средний)

Cool guys ride Africa:) the day of launch near the garage

5 (Средний)

The editorial board of “Bike”

3 (Средний)

On departure from Kiev

все фото 065

Svetlogorsk. Sister Luba and father.

все фото 071

Vaughan my friend from Svetlogorsk

все фото 079

Morning in the parental home. Last Day in Ukraine.

все фото 081

27.06.09_ 020

Documents, goodbye!

DSC06465 (Средний)

first morning on the territory of Russia

DSC06471 (Средний)

somewhere near Saratov. The motorcycle is so clean …

DSC06473 (Средний)

soup of potatoes and buckwheat are very tasty and healthy:) For some reason many people ask: Who photographed? My answer is, self-timer, camera on Carimate. Incidentally, that night I had a dream that someone walking beside the motorcycle. Do not believe it, but when I woke up that believed in it, but was afraid to leave. Sitting in the tent, too, was afraid. No, I’m not scared, just over ten minutes and had to open the tent, something to ventilate it, and yet at the same time to see who was there I dreamed about:). No one, only the wind and foul weather until the morning I fell asleep …

DSC06485 (Средний)

Sky. Sun. Ahead 23tys km. Happiness ahead …

DSC06488 (Средний)

but, unfortunately, ahead of literally two hours waiting for me trouble, I had gone the distance. Details and reasons would be in the story. While only photo.

DSC06492 (Средний)

things lying around, Africa Twin crying, mood is not very …

DSC06496 (Средний)

a passing good man was a doctor, had a first aid dressings. Photo made his wife, who was unable to understand why this is done in such a moment:)

Outfit is very necessary! Cross shoes perfectly! Protection knee-excellent! together saved me at least a leg, as the maximum life!

DSC06502 (Средний)
on one of the city of Samara station

DSC06504 (Средний)

kind-hearted man and a good specialist Sergei Sicura, also rides a motorcycle Africa Twin. Helped repair the bike and gave shelter in his house during your stay in Samara

IMG_2325 (Средний)

“.. I pull NAV and everything will be better than it was before the accident”

IMG_2326 (Средний)

glass with a snowmobile “Buran” is the best came in all parameters:)

DSC06507 (Средний)

as the Soviet joke: “After careful assembly process files” so it was.

IMG_2327 (Средний)

then there was a tour of the city

IMG_2330 (Средний)

one of cards Samara – Boat on the waterfront

IMG_2333 (Средний)

not a little too strategically important object – the plant zhigulevskogo beer. A word Lada Zhiguli, for those who do not know, does not mean the car, and the mountains are called Zhigulevsky.

DSC06525 (Средний)

road again, part of Samara, Ekaterinburg, which had a very important meeting in the lives of two romantics …

DSC06531 (Средний) (Средний)

you are standing guard cafe makes the photo, in whose hands we gave our cameras and did not realize that in your life by a man …

DSC06528 (Средний)

This Bashkorstan.

IMG_0046 (Средний)

encounter a surprise. Ashot (Goretc) and Sasha (Skif) were sent to Mongolia, and also stopped in Yekaterinburg. Continue to Ulan-Ude, we rode together.

IMG_0047 (Средний)

on-site collection of Yekaterinburg bikers

IMG_0048 (Средний)

IMG_0072 (Средний)

check cargo. By the way, so these green gum I bought in Kiev in one of the supermarkets in the surrender, the couple was worth $ 1. Not much you trust them, but they went all the way and none broke.

DSC06600 (Средний)

Annual Moto party in Irbit, which I almost stole the helmet from the tent and some personal belongings. Details in the book.

DSC06603 (Средний) (2)

Here is a wooden wonder with a motor from chainsaw “Ural”

DSC06604 (Средний) (2)

and this exhibit won the nomination “The best remake”

DSC06621 (Средний) (2)

Museum moto-techniques in Irbit

DSC06622 (Средний)

in the Hall technique not only Irbitsky Moto Works

DSC06620 (Средний) (2)

and the most popular selling model

DSC06625 (Средний)

been provided and such motorcycles

DSC06626 (Средний)

и такие… гоночные

DSC06627 (Средний)

Cross bike with a side trailer. Liter engine.

DSC06630 (Средний)

accompanied our friend from Irbit, with whom I later meet on the way home, and he will go to Vladivostok

DSC06634 (Средний)

Three Africa Twin ready for adventure

DSC06635 (Средний)

give way, leaving on the combine after harvest, on public roads :) )))

DSC06636 (Средний)

“… a squalid motorcycles also need gasoline?” – thought babayker flown at the gas station on his “groomed” Ural:)))

DSC06641 (Средний)

We came to the country TNKs. TNK is one of the common petrol stations in Russia

DSC06664 (Средний)

checked with GPS, which, incidentally, often rescued, indicating the remaining distance to the settlement and pointing out fueling way. Map of Russia is version 1.4 for Garmin

DSC06667 (Средний)

are coming to Omsk, where we met the guys from the motor club Siberian bears.

IMG_0130 (Средний)

Here we serve motorcycles: purging the chain, check for damage, playing with dogs and cats

DSC06675 (Средний)

no comment:) Actually very fond of animals. As one writer “the more people know the more like dogs.” Inscription on the booth: Beware the evil dog without teeth, but suck to death:)))))

DSC06676 (Средний)

DSC06677 (Средний)

cat – a fighter

DSC06671 (Средний)

City Tour

DSC06683 (Средний)

long farewell – more tears … leave Omsk.

DSC06686 (Средний)

do not let God go to the right lane. Liquid Asphalt. In Russia is often to be found.

DSC06687 (Средний)

refueling. I understand from the rear of the car gets the hose:)

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