Pacific Ocean, the same crazy friends like me, the sun, wind, clean air, Chinese cuisine …. I liked it!trans Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06932 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Here it is – the Pacific Ocean!! I made it! At the rally, I was invited on stage and presented a prize as the most distant visitor!

DSC06936 (Мелкий)

Again met with Dima!

DSC06938 (Мелкий)

lived in a house that’s right on the ocean. Dima knew what I was going, so rented house with two beds. I thank him for that. It was so cool back to sleep on the couch!

DSC06940 (Мелкий)

Victor left the city of Nakhodka Motoliga club, which organized the rally!

DSC06941 (Мелкий)

drying and airing of personal belongings

DSC06943 (Мелкий)

I’m the worst – but hardy:)

DSC06944 (Мелкий)

Petrukhin like my device is very useful to have with a water dispenser:)

DSC06946 (Мелкий)

Victor invited me to visit, what would be washed off the road, to rest and to serve a motorcycle.

DSC06947 (Мелкий)

I am certainly glad:)))

DSC06948 (Мелкий)

Herman, name GPS:) knows the way:)

DSC06951 (Мелкий)

viewing area in Nakhodka, but for me the biggest plant in Russia for production of cans. Whew!

DSC06953 (Мелкий)

With Victor in a Chinese restaurant, of which there are very many, and large portions. All very tasty! I love seafood, eat a morning till night!

DSC06954 (Мелкий)

portion of soup, this portion of the left in the pan for at least 6 people!!

DSC06956 (Мелкий)

cleaning the chain, oil has changed. Over 12,000 road motor ate only half a liter of oil. In the motor Ipone 10.4

DSC06957 (Мелкий)

Fisher brought fresh crab …. It was bliss, I have long wanted to eat this meat!

DSC06959 (Мелкий)

guys were advised to go for a couple of days on the coast of the bay Triozere, where sand and the sea clean …. there is paradise …

DSC06961 (Мелкий)

DSC06962 (Мелкий)

DSC06960 (Мелкий)

music, cold beer and crab!

DSC06964 (Мелкий)

I’m happy! called all my friends and parents gave to listen to the ocean, it was not a forgettable evening. Sitting in his favorite chair, drink beer, a bite of meat and listen to light music waves …

DSC06975 (Мелкий)

The next day was a fog that did not spoil the good mood. Neighbors were invited to go to the tents in the woods for mushrooms and just a stroll.

DSC06977 (Мелкий)

there far shore where our camp

DSC06980 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06981 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06984 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06986 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06988 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06985 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06990 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

mushrooms, we have not found, but saw a lot of beautiful trees and large stones on which, according to legend, local residents, landed UFO a few years ago

DSC06991 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

set of tourist:)

DSC06992 resize1 Nahodka Vladivostok

as more fully set

DSC06996 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC06997 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

sea hedgehog. Gray. There are possible. A black can not.

DSC06999 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

The neighboring children. Such cool guys !!!!! Three days of me not leave, they were interesting to me, and me with them twice:)

DSC07000 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

but all my neighbors

DSC07002 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

and I went to Vladivostok last then:)

DSC07003 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

the road met a married couple, who also rested on the coast in the Bay Triozere. They showed me the way into Vladik shorter and prettier. They’re coming, by the way, they are on the good car!

DSC07004 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

bought a watermelon on the road, that would sest them somewhere in a beautiful place

DSC07005 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

beautiful place we found quickly:)

DSC07006 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

simple, reliable, and I think the most successful car for the world tour with family

DSC07010 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

and here Shamora, the famous beach near Vladivostok. Left.

DSC07012 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

photo as a keepsake. Then we parted.

DSC07014 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))

DSC07015 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

immediately met with Doug from America. Round the World traveler on the Harley this year, he was in Ukraine, and we will take off were to meet, but not developed. Vladivostok city meetings all truckers! A very positive person!

DSC07016 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Gathered company: I, Sine, a Philosof, a hat Petrukhin and the guys from Moscow, unfortunately forgotten names. These are the guys I met at pederalke

DSC07017 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Muscovites – heroes. At cruisers to Vladik ….

DSC07019 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

their motorcycles

DSC07020 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

with Dima near the railway station. Here we eat and send a postcard Malinochka in Ekaterinburg:)

DSC07025 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

on the waterfront with local motorcyclists

DSC07029 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Kohl invited me to visit, also a motorcyclist and generally very hospitable and cheerful guy. Thank him great!

DSC07031 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

is Kolka Vulkan1500

DSC07032 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

buckwheat should be stored in a bag, Kohl gave it to me:)

DSC07034 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

went with the guys at the service station to solder my device, which is slightly go haywire – I mean this music with a helmet, a wire broke.

DSC07035 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Quay Vladivostok, for me fighting vessel. It is Work.

DSC07036 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Museum in a submarine in the background.

DSC07037 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

almost the same age as the Aurora 1917 year

DSC07038 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

commemorates the first ship docked.

DSC07040 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

- But where are we going?

- Now all you’ll see:)

DSC07041 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Bay “Golden Horn” in Vladivostok

DSC07042 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

there right “Russian” Island, which had finally built a bridge.

DSC07043 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC07044 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC07048 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

DSC07049 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

construction of the bridge on “Russian” Island

DSC07051 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

think of loved ones at this moment …

DSC07055 1024x768 Nahodka Vladivostok

so this way you can always find shelter. But this time it was found, but not much and it was necessary, Kolka very hospitable guy! on the plate is written: A decent tourist from Ukraine looking for accommodation. Inexpensive, comfortable with hot water. Since there is a salo and a good mood.

1207194094 salo Nahodka Vladivostok

Salo – is a national Ukrainian product.

DSC07065 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

that can be tasty and excellent for the table than a cold Japanese beer and tasty fish …

DSC07068 resize Nahodka Vladivostok

Songs with guitar

DSC07070 resize Nahodka Vladivostok


 Nahodka Vladivostok

It’s the guys from America, too, like Doug, round the world travelers. They’re coming at BMW, one is already going to the truck. Is considering my Africa Twin and asked very suspicious questions, not peculiar to the owners of BMW:) Good guys ride Africa Twin!!!!

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Sinus at home

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Sinus shows the routes of their travel and shares his impressions

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Enerdzhayzer from Kaluga:) cool funny guy. He arrived in Vladivostok on Yamaha XT660
 Nahodka Vladivostok

and here is one sign of where I really wanted to be photographed

 Nahodka Vladivostok

with my beloved Africa Twin

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Kohl invited to accompany him to dive for every tasty animals. And we have three days left for the beautiful place where we lived in tents, and ate only what is fetched from the ocean.

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Here the fish:)

 Nahodka Vladivostok

These are the shells!

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Tim – Kolya’s friend and a very positive guy !!!!!!

 Nahodka Vladivostok

Almost all of the shell took Timoha, he was at a depth of about 17 meters. Of the equipment only mask, snorkel and fins.

 Nahodka Vladivostok

I, too, something that took:) is a starfish, it is not edible: (

 Nahodka Vladivostok

 Nahodka Vladivostok


 Nahodka Vladivostok

 Nahodka Vladivostok

 Nahodka Vladivostok

day of departure. I start home!!

is interesting :)

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