The road from Omsk just fascinates with its beauty and quality of coverage, but we do something with my Africa not for this here cornered:) waiting bad road …trans Omsk Irkutsk

IMG_0155 (Средний)


IMG_0157 (Средний)

It was just gorgeous evening: warm, beautiful…

DSC06706 (Средний)

somewhere here I

DSC06709 (Мелкий)

are heading in Kemerovo

DSC06715 (Мелкий)

DSC06717 (Мелкий)

DSC06721 (Мелкий)

DSC06724 (Мелкий)


DSC06726 (Мелкий)

DSC06727 (Мелкий)

DSC06735 (Мелкий)

in Kemerovo, we stopped at our friend Igor (Sham) The house they built with his father and his father in his wood carvings

DSC06734 (Средний)

“This house was founded in 1991 Shemchuk V in order to realize their own capacity for joy and happiness to children and grandchildren. Established September 5, 1994 in Day 43 anniversary ShemchukV.”

DSC06740 (Мелкий)

DSC06743 (Мелкий)

DSC06744 Средний Мелкий Omsk Irkutsk

DSC06747 Средний Мелкий Omsk Irkutsk

First time stopped traffic cops all the way through the territory of Russia:)

DSC06748 Средний Мелкий Omsk Irkutsk

arrived at the Krasnoyarsk

DSC06751 (Мелкий)

Krasnoyarsk Uncle Kolya was taken to us in the museum, where the guys on their own hands and restore the old technique. More about Krasnoyarsk Museum and read in the book.

DSC06752 (Мелкий)

DSC06755 (Мелкий)

DSC06756 (Мелкий)

DSC06759 (Мелкий)

after the bath-house barbecue and guitar, what else is needed after the road?

IMG_0214 (Средний) (Мелкий)


Uncle Kolya !!!!! As the truth of the kindest, most hospitable people in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC06777 (Мелкий)

that’s such a happy and well rested, I was in the morning! Ahead of Irkutsk.

DSC06781 (Мелкий)

section of road, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. Training before offroad:)

DSC06783 (Мелкий)

DSC06787 (Мелкий)

DSC06788 (Мелкий)

round the world travelers from Africa

DSC06789 (Мелкий)

DSC06791 (Мелкий)

DSC06792 (Мелкий)

roadside cafe

DSC06796 (Мелкий)

bring a water tank – a necessity. Sharing water – happiness:)

DSC06798 (Мелкий)

DSC06799 (Мелкий)

there are still those are the bridges

DSC06806 (Мелкий)


DSC06810 (Мелкий)

IMG_0230 (Мелкий)

got to rally “Baikal bank” organized by the guys from Irkutsk, met with biker Petrukhin, the famous traveler from Kazakhstan, have already done two world tours in his BMW LT1200! Respect those people!

IMG_0235 (Мелкий)

Dimka shows on his motorcycle stickers of the countries which he visited on a motorcycle: more than 60 !!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0250 (Мелкий)

bathed in the Angara, the only river which flows from Lake Baikal, the remaining 362 only flow into the lake.

IMG_0255 (Мелкий)

and this style company guys from Ulan-Ude

IMG_0261 (Мелкий)

- And it is not scary?

- No, not really, important not to fall:)

IMG_0262 (Мелкий)
oh scary ….

then did lay down on one side :) )))))

IMG_0266 (Мелкий)

Dimka morning went. Later we met again, already at a rally “Оn the edge of the earth” in Nakhodka

DSC06819 Мелкий Omsk Irkutsk


DSC06824 (Мелкий)

on to the market for the omul. This is such a tasty fish, which is found only in Lake Baikal!

DSC06826 (Мелкий)

on the road stopped in the open air museum, an old settlement that lived on the banks of the Angara river

DSC06828 (Мелкий)

DSC06831 (Мелкий)


DSC06832 (Мелкий)

DSC06835 (Мелкий)

actually, Baikal!!!

DSC06836 (Мелкий)

went to the sacrificial stone, which was held at the sacrifice

DSC06838 (Мелкий)

IMG_0277 (Мелкий)

DSC06839 (Мелкий)


DSC06840 (Мелкий)

market which I him:)

more here

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