Samer holidays. Part 1

I am pleased to welcome You, my dear Friend and Reader. First a few words about myself, about how I grow up to go to Vladivostok.

I was born in 1982 in the village with a bright name Svetlogorsk in Poltava region.

Passion for motorcycles have originated at a subconscious level, when my favorite uncle Vova gave me the plastic motorcycle when I was 2 years old – for me to dub my little crooked legs by their repulsion from the floor and rolling from one room to another. I also remember how my dad rode me every morning by his native motorcycle “IZH Planeta 3″ to the kindergarten putting a yellow blanket on the tank for it not to be cold, which occasionally is still kept in my room at my parents’ house. I remember: every time I was taking off from this tank to the ground by my father and he let me twist the throttle and there was no limits of children’s happiness.  But once I twisted the throttle so hard that I felt the vibrations by my little hand, I was shaking all day, and that day is still in my memory till present.

At the age when I was able to take over control of a motorcycle with a sidecar I was forbidden to do it and everybody in my family repeated each other that it is dangerous and better to drive a car. So, I started to drive the car and while my coevals rode native motorcycles “Voskhod” and “Minsk”, I had to sweat in the stifling car “Lada VAZ-2108” in the export performance with music.

At that time I was already 15 years old. And I could not understand why do all my friends envy me? Because I do not have a motorcycle and I can not ride a motorcycle at warm night on the road and cannot feel the wind in my face?… in my family  motorcycle became a taboo. Nevertheless the passion for motorcycles didn’t pass, but rather has the character which is not peculiar to the adolescent, driving a brand new «LADA» with a full cabin of girlfriends J.

Moped “Carpathians”  – a miracle! When I whined money on a moped from the parents, one of the promises was to carry all kinds of bags, in general – to help with the housework, because by usual bicycle it was impossible to cary enough cargo. What a bliss it was! Full tank, warm night, the wind in my face and the neighboring villages ….

Further it was “JAWA”. I remember when the test run was before the purchase, accidentally I dropped the clutch at the turn and trail of black rubber stayed on the asphalt, the bike was very powerful – 32 Nm J. Before going to bed I had lots of thoughts and one of them was: “Maybe I do not need such a fast bike … it was terrible, but still overcame the fear and I told myself: if you have smth in the head so you can ride anything. And most important is to have real fun! The first trip, the first long-distance travel for 60 miles from home. Later there were “Dneprs”, the construction of these super-mega cruisers, the first trip to the Crimea alone – then I was already 18 years.

I went to the trip by a homemade motorcycle in which only the engine was from the “Dnepr”, everything else was home-made. I rode it 2000 miles in two weeks around the South Coast of Crimea. The first Japanese motorcycle was a Honda CB500S, with which I made more serious trips to Moldova, Belarus, Russia. The next stage – Yamaha FJR1300 During the period of less than three seasons I rode for more than 60 000 miles. And so we slowly came to this date, when I bought the nowadays motorcycle, which I now ride and with which we made this wonderful, full of surprises and difficulties trip from Kiev to Vladivostok and back.

At the very beginning of my preparation for the trip, I promised myself that what ever happened, no matter what the circumstances, I’ll go to Vladivostok, and it will be on July 15th, 2009 at 11 am. Time started. It was October 2008.

Preparation for the journey began with the fact that it was necessary to purchase the designed for this kind of travel bike. Initially, I was tuned to the BMW1200GS Adventure, I raved about it. I liked it for several reasons: Cardan shaft, air-oil cooling, comfortable fit, a large tank, tubeless wheels and a large selection of tuning. Then, some time later, I stared at the KTM990 Adventure, two times cheaper than the BMW, in a runoff on the spokes of wheels, again the choice of tuning…. Everything went to what I have slowly approached my dream, but then suffered a collapse of the economy in the world, we call it a crisis, I left my main job and thoughts about buying one of the Adventure bikes were not even possible to be fulfilled…

At that time I did not yet sold my FJR1300, I began to look for an equivalent in the enduro-tourer class of motorcycles. Yamaha XTZ750 SuperTenere – I had not considered this to be good for me due to the presence of a large number of technical solutions, which I was absolutely not satisfied of. Do not want to go into details, so as not to offend the owners of this bike, if someone interested in my views on this bike and indeed in the future can ask questions, happy to answer them. One cylinder, I had not considered due to the fact that I was not going to go into frank shit in terms of roads, and they are really created for such trips. But as for me I planned asphalt with middle class of off-road. Then I remembered that there was such a bike as a Honda Africa Twin, and I met lots of travelers riding it. I shoveled a lot of information in the Internet, called up friends, owners, and came to the conclusion that I wanted Honda Africa Twin. The first who got to know about this news was Andryukha Zelenski “Brodyaga” (Tramp in English). He blessed the purchase and began to help in the search for the new dream. Buying Africa Twin in Ukraine is not so easy, there are very few of them, and those that are not for sale by their owners as it’s Africa Twin. I started searching throughout the world. In Poland there were lots of such motorcycles and it was not a problem to bring it here, just to pay for shipping, be ready to work with customs and registration and that’s it. I sold my Yamaha, got Cash and was ready to make an order in Poland, but remembered that Dima from Rovno was selling Africa Twin, so I called him:

- Dima, I have the Cash, and you’ve got something that I really need.

The next day me and “Uncle Fedor” who’s Fedor Petrovsky, were on the way to take the motorcycle. Weather was still cold and snowy, so we went by car with a trailer. Condition of the motorcycle was absolutely satisfactory and the deal of the century happened – so I became the enduro-rider!

I’ve got the Motorcycle already with some tuning, which made me very pleased. That meant I needed less to invest in the reconstruction of the motorcycle. The first thing I did I repainted it white – my favorite color. I checked all the connecting nodes, replaced all the bearings and oil seals. I replaced its electric gasoline pump to the vacuum one of the engine from the boat “Wihr”.
Fuel pump is the weak point of this bike. In preparation for a motorcycle me and my friend “VozYk” who’s Vova Shcherbenko, went to ride off-road every weekend, practicing riding a motorcycle in various road conditions, with a different cover.
We dashed off with him more than 6000 miles in a couple of spring months, and 90% of the total mileage was laid on the pristine places of western and central Ukraine. I specifically checked the Motorcycle in all the difficult circumstances in order to be sure that during the journey something unforeseen will not happen. Africa Twin withstanded enormous loads, after every weekend I went to Moto service station where I was preparing a motorcycle and deciphered by ten times all units in order to observe how the load reflected each of them. Neighbors and colleagues at the “Red Line club” laughed, saying that I twisted it every day, and when I said that I was preparing the motorcycle for a long journey they did not really believe, and, frankly, made often fun of me up by this reason. Time passed very quickly, it was already July 15 – remained a little more than a month …

Motorcycle was ready. All which I needed for comfortable and safe movement I installed and tested by the Ukrainian roads. (Going to a road if it will be held in places where not always possible to meet or get professional help to repair equipment – choose a simple bike, do not try to buy the twists such as ABS, ESR, injection and other abstruse lotions, without which today’s bikes are not produced at the conveyors. Rule number one in the Motorcycle tourism: The simpler the design – the more reliable the bike. I met tourists traveling by the new “clever” motorcycles. So happened that one of them couldn’t start the engine. We removed the tank, hoping that there would be something to see, and inside there was a snakes’ mating season… Nothing was to understand, a million of wires, a thousand of hoses … there was nothing to do without a computer and special programs. One thing is somewhere near civilization, but it happened in the taiga… Therefore, I repeat: Simplicity – a synonym for Reliability).

The question of finance took the most important place at that time. Money for the trip was only one way there and by my personal calculations. And from the practice of guys who had already traveled to Vladivostok, the budget must be at least $ 5 000 USD. I only had a thousand on the way there and I hoped that it would be one more thousand on the way back. I excluded from its cost: accommodation and food in the cafe. In this case it must be enough.

It was one week for my start. Every night before going to bed I imagined what could happen with me and how my parents and friends will react in this case. Somehow I always worried about the criminal situation in those areas, where tourists often disappear or at least were left without a motorcycle and money. I was not going to have a lot of cash, almost all the money were on the credit-card. But this fact didn’t calm me, and somehow crept into my head just disgusting thoughts… In the morning I woke up in a good mood and immediately ran to the garage to which it was about 10 feet, because during the last month I actually lived there – that would save me some money on a renting of the apartment and travelling around the city by city transport. I still had a very strong wish to see the Pacific Ocean and simultaneously with this wish I had a feeling of fear of it…

There were 3 days till the start. There were only canister with water and canister with reserve fuel to be installed on the bike. I didn’t find the best place as to put them on the back sides of the arc.

(In the future, it is very important – NEVER put the fuel canister on the back side of the arc – God bless you if you’re in low side on the asphalt, canister will be damaged, you’ll have the spark from the arc and that’s it, you’re not going anywhere…) I thought about it only when I left Ukraine and filled it in by the route Chita – Khabarovsk. I was very accurate riding with it. As for water – it is very important if you’re going to ride in autonomous regime: it is not very comfortable to fill in the bottles with water every time you stop, but if you have a 6 liters canister on the arc – this is the best place I could find where to put it – at least to my mind. You should put it upside-down, open a little the lid and in such a way you’ll have a washing tap.

I gathered my entire luggage in the room and then divided it by 3 parts and took only one part – the most important. Its weight was about 40 kilos. I used textile back-trunks. Instead of central trunk I used the waterproof big yellow bag as canoe guy usually use presented to me by the guys from the company “Naduvniye Chyudesa”.   (As for trunks: I prefer textile ones as they are installed on the bike not hard – as of bad condition of the road they don’t brake the binding and if I fall they work as shock-absorbers and will never be broken. But there are some imperfections – they are easily to be stolen, it’ll be enough just to cut them by the knife. The same situation with waterproof bag. But I decided for myself that textile and waterproof materials are much more comfortable for me, especially for such a trip. But if you plan the trip by asphalt only, so never mind and put any trunks you like).

Ukrainian rescue service and Dyba Pavel Petrovich personally gave me the accompanying letter – just in case if I need it in the road. It helped me very much during my transfer through the border of Russian Federation.

I was presented tires Mitas E-09 for the road Chita – Khabarovsk by the company “Motoshina” and personally Vyacheslav Orlov. Thanks them very much for their help! I should take it in the city Bila Tserkva which is 75 kilometers from Kiev. So, I loaded my bike completely to check the luggage on the way and how the bike was controled. I also got acquainted with Garmin Zumo-550 which was presented to me by the company “Navionika” – official rep of these devices in Ukraine. After all the luggage was fixed correctly, Garmin worked perfectly and easily in operation. I received tires, took the picture to remember this moment and started back to Kiev.

There were 2 days before the start. The company “Ipon” presented me lubricating staff. I changed the oil, brakes liquid and oil in the fork. I took with me in the road the soap of this producer – for me to wash my hands in case of unforeseen situations in the road. I called my friends in the Yekaterinburg – Pakha and Romka – informed them that I’d start on the 15th of July and that meant that I’d be very soon with them. Who could even think at that moment that Yekaterinburg would have much more sense in my life in some time: this was the city where I found treasure which I wish everybody to find once in his life, first or last!

There was only one day before the start. It was ended very fast. I did almost nothing, just was sitting and thinking: do I really need it? Maybe it would be better to go to the Crimea where was the sea, wine and chicks… No, one more Valerka-adventurer answered, we would go to the Pacific Ocean and that’s it! Hey, Man, look at yourself: during last half a year every day before going to sleep you dreamt first about this trip to Vladivostok… This was the last day in Kiev and those were my thoughts at that day. I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, went to the street, watched the sky, the stars and felt very clearly how my spirit becomes stronger and stronger. I was ready!!!

Morning of July, 15th. Woke up earlier than usually. I received immediately the calls from my friends who told that they’d come soon to the garage to say me goodbye. I took the shower. This morning remembered me the morning of Victory Day on the 9th of May, when I was at school – my best holiday at those days! You cloth glad rags, there is the smell of flowers in the house which I’ll bring in the column with my class-mates accompanying by the orchestra. You’ll ask where the similarity is. I’ll answer: the mood was just the same nice and pleasant; I’ll have weekends as I had after this parade at school, so I may have lots of time to have rest and be busy with my hobby. So, that was the same day – Holiday!!! Now every July, 15th I’ll remember as a very important day in my life.

So, I went out of the house to garage where was my Beauty “Afrika” packed from the evening and ready for the trip. My friends came, the band “Vpershe chuyu” with Grishka (Greg) organized such a send off that not everybody has when goes to serve in the army. They played and sang different songs, I gave the interview, drank some tea. We hugged one another, I started the engine. As it was told by Forest Gamp from the movie with the same name: The road for one thousand miles starts from the first step. I started my road from the first turn of the wheel!

As usually there were traffic jams and hot weather in Kiev. But I didn’t care, I was on my way. It was very interesting to see the people in the cars with conditions that were in a hurry to some meetings and looked at me with the interest. They looked at me and even couldn’t realize that I was going to ride my bike, which was so close to their cars, to the Pacific Ocean. They were very pitiful for me… I was for them… J But we choose our way of life ourselves.

At that day I planned to have dinner with my parents and it was 400 kilometers from Kiev. So, I was not in a hurry, listened to the music, played with Garmin, speak with my friends by phone that couldn’t come to say me goodbye. I was stopped by the police in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, which is 80 kilometers from Kiev. The first bull-shit from them was that I broke the rules of speed limit several kilometers before their guard-post and invited me to their car. I ride the bike with the speed 100-120 kilometers per hour. ALWAYS! In the cities – 60 km/h. I really don’t want to describe that situation, the way how we spoke with those frights; I never met such bull-shitters in my life!!! I was afraid to beat all them there, but then decided to leave them alone and started the way with very unpleasant feelings…

The sun smiled in the street, СС.Catche played in the earphones, and once in an hour my Mom called and asked how much time it would take me to reach them: she has such a habitJ. The table was laid already when I came; relatives drank the wine for my happiness. My Dad prepared the dried meat by his secret recipe, fat of the pig and home-made vodka 4 liters: 2 liters for the friends in Yekaterinburg and 2 just in case I’d need it. Saying in advance – I found this case. I also took an old cell phone for me not to show myself with the strangers with my IPhone. (One of the main rules of the tourists – give the impression of a not rich guy and never show to the strangers that you may buy their whole village for the money which you lay out for the gasoline for one day of your trip. By this very reason the bike is not washed on the road for the aboriginals to understand that you own not expensive and extremely used bike. The equipment should be not gaudy. And never be rude to the aboriginals: they are very strong, especially when they’re close to their local bar or café or smth like this).

In the evening my best friend from Svetlogorsk came. We drank beer with dried fish on the bank of the river Dnipro and instead of planned beforehand start at 6 a.m. I returned home only at 5 a.m.: my autopilot knows the route from the river to my house J.

I woke up at 12 a.m. completely destroyed… Shit, I should be in Voronezh today in the evening!… So, never mind, what is done was done for the best. I hugged my parents, Mom was wept, Dad asked not to be slob in the road. Go ahead! To the adventures!!!

I reached Kharkov in a moment but should stay at customs for several hours. Lots of Russians were on the way home after having rest on the bank of the Black Sea, the turn was of thousands of cars, without turn – just pay the cash. But no, this was not our habit. No money! Especially for the guys wearing the uniform. I stayed for more than 3 hours together with lots of others, they chatted with me, took pics. Exactly at the customs the letter from the Rescue service helped me very much, I received the temporary registration for 3 months instead of 3 weeks by the law. This was good!!! What was not good is late night on the territory of different country – Russia. I found the roost very easily and fast – just rode down from the road in the field with wheat. Soup, tea, diary, moon, sleep… (It’s very important not to plan the route with the schedule, of course if you’re not at rally Paris-Dakar: you’re the traveler and not a racer, so ride the bike in the way how it is more comfortable for you and don’t be in a hurry. By this very reason it is much more comfortable to ride alone).

The new day in the foreign country came. I started from the very beginning to Belgorod as I needed to buy a sim-card for the cell phone and the additional membrane for my tuning gasoline pump from the boat engine “Vihr” as I forgot mine at home J.   Actually I forgot almost nothing what I planned to take with me, only membrane, spanner #“17”, solder for the soldering iron and shorts. That’s it. I found membrane very fast, but should buy it together with the pump for 400 RUB. So I needed to buy sim-card and continue the trip to Voronezh. And here I took the punishment for my credulity. So, I entered the shop to buy it but the non-citizens of Russia it is prohibited, at least of the operator MTC. I wanted exactly this operator of mobile network as I’m almost VIP customer of it in Ukraine. To switch on the roaming was too expensive. So, I was collapsed. I go to the neighbor store to buy 100% cotton socks (I recommend only 100% cotton socks. It is more comfortable and the feet don’t smell and sweat. They are not so long wearable if you run of walk a lot, but we’re riding, so they’ll survive for much more time – checked by myself). The girl working there looked at me with the question in her eyes: Where did you leave your skis??? She asked me why I was so unhappy and I told her the story with sim-card. I told that I couldn’t speak with my parents and they’ll be worrying about me, but I don’t want them to do it. And she said no problems! Follow me, I’ll register your sim-card to my passport. I was more than happy! Here are the real women live! I’ll stay here in Belgorod to live!

- Hello Tanya! Please, register the sim-card for our guest to my passport.

- No problems, Valya. Please, choose the tariff. It’ll cost you 150 RUB. How much do you intend to put on your account?

I thought 400 RUB would be enough for the first time. I thanked them very much and ran to the parking where people started gathering near my bike to ask standard questions. Went away.

Near Voronezh stopped to put the sim-card into my cell phone for me to make the first calls in Russia. But couldn’ call anywhere – the Operator said it was impossible. The Operator was the Bitch as I thought. And was wrong – the Bitch was Valya – As soon as I left she called the Operator and blocked the sim-card and for me to unblock it I should have the passport data of Valya. So, 550 RUB were spoiled… I clarified all this at the main office of MTC in Voronezh. As compensation they presented me the registered to my own passport sim-card, but before they approved it with some boss by phone. Happy again, left the office of MTC, started looking for my IPhone with all the contacts, but couldn’t find! I looked everywhere, returned to the office of MTC twice, rode to the Internet club where I sent the info about my destination here: but could find it. My IPhone disappearedL. So, to decide all the questions for connection I spoiled more than half of the day. I wanted to visit the cemetery where Yuriy Klinskikh (Khoy) was buried but with all these troubles I wanted to leave this city and far away to the East (Never cancel to see the planned places to see only because of bad mood or smth is not so good as you planned. Later everything’ll be all right and you’ll accuse of yourself that you didn’t visit that place. The mood is temporary, now it is bad, in a minute it’ll be excellent. But the memory is everlasting) So. The IPhone was lost and the contacts also. Very bad! (Always take a note-book with you in the road where you’ll keep the main contacts). I reached Saratov, encamped, prepared the dinner, drank beer for the lost IPhone and went to bed. At night I woke up with the feeling that someone walked near the tent and bike. At least I thought it was a dream. Usually what is in the dreams of traveler may become a reality and very often it happens so. It took me too much time to leave the tent to see what was outside, but it became difficult to breath and I should at least open it. But there was nobody outside. Probably they ran away I thought. The weather was terrible, raining and windy. Maybe it was the wind, who knows?

I couldn’t sleep any more. I had an early warmed breakfast, gathered the clothes, put the rain-suit on me and reached the asphalt by the mud. (Choosing the place for the encamping leave the main road at least for 500 – 1000 meters, than it is better to turn for several meters from the forest road. If you do so, the possibility to meet aborigines will become minimum, from the other hand with the wild animals – maximum. Also don’t forget about mud which may appear in the morning after the rain. Sometimes it happens when the tourists stay on the same place for several days for the mud to become dry. If you encamp in the forest try to put the tent for you to wake up with the sun – it gives you a good mood for the whole day. Put the tent from the eastern part of the forest. If you gathered the tent wet in the morning, try to dry it at day during lunch-time as in the evening very often sun is not so bright to dry it. But there is one more way how to dry it from inside: put the gas-stove burner inside switched-on with small fire, close all exits and windows and in 5 – 10 minutes the inner side will be dried and even if the upper side is still not dried it doesn’t touch the inside one.

Choosing the tent pay attention to: the color depends on the place of the world where you go, but don’t buy yellow or orange – they are made of such color for mountain climbers for them to be noticed on the snow from the helicopter. For us – motorcycle adventurers – it’s important not to be noticed especially when you stay for the night – this is the most dangerous time for the traveler, complete defenselessness, you don’t control the situation.

Your tent should have 2 entrances – it is easier to fresh the air inside when the tent under the sun. It should also have a veranda, the size of which would be comfortable for you to sit on the chair and prepare the dinner: when there are lots of mosquitoes it is not comfortable at all to prepare the food outside. So, you should have a veranda at your tent. You should also take with you several additional tent-pegs. The arches should be aluminum as plastic ones don’t stand everyday manipulations. I’ll not recommend the producers; the only thing I’ll say is the rule the more expensive-the better quality works here completely).

I received an income call. As I have an old Nokia it was not connected to my helmet, so I should stop. Took it out of the pocket – no income calls. Maybe showed up. I continue my way. In a couple of minutes I felt again the vibrations, but in the different pocket. It cannot happen! You know, there is smth that we’ll never see and describe. In my inner pocket which I checked 30 times was may lovely IPhone, which made a noise trying to wake me up! All the contacts were there. I couldn’t even think how it appeared there! I was extremely happy!!!

But after this very good news and good mood appeared the new problem. On the way Saratov – Samara I fell out of the road. It happened so: the front tire was repaired by the repair kit which was bought at Uncle Vasya somewhere in the shop “Everything by 5 RUB”. Shit, I hated myself…

(Never use the repair kits which were bought at the bazaar in such a small green box. If you’re going to repair tires on your way, visit any good tire recapping station and buy there the real repair kits of good quality. If no, use a small piece of gum from the old inner tube and rubber glue. Clean it, deprive of fat, put the glue on one side of this piece of rubber and on the place where the hole, let it dry for a while, once more put the glue on both sides and in 5 minutes press thoroughly. You may put it under the central stand of the bike if you’re alone or under the back stand of your friend’s bike. Leave it for 20 minutes and you’re ready to continue the trip! This info is for the tires with tubes. In this case tubeless tires are better to maintain. All you need is to put inside of the hole special cord for repair of tires and pump full. If you have nothing to do but to connect tire to the tire-cover in the forest put inside of the tire-cover 10 grams of gasoline, fire it and wait for small loud explosion for the tire-cover to stand to its place in the tire. Further you may use pump or compressor.

For you to know: pump full the tire with the size 140/70-17 by the pressure 2,5 atmospheres you should make 750 pumping movements by the hand bicycle pump J)

My bike fell on my leg. I wore off-road boots and knees protectors. If not – I’d probably be without the leg… But in this case it was a simple bruise and hematoma. The bike suffered minimum – this was Africa, almost everything was made of iron. It’s a pity but the windshield was broken completely. One of the car drivers stopped and said he was a doctor. He put me the elastic bandage on the damaged leg. I threw the inner tube away, put the new one for endure motorcycles as it was thicker, packed everything and continued the way slowly with the speed 80 – 90 km/h. I needed to go to Vladivostok.     (I persuade you to wear off road boots! They guard the leg in the best way. For your feet not sweat use usual female panty liners instead of welts. They take up moisture and if you also wear 100% cotton socks your feet stay dry during all the day. Don’t forget to change such welts every day. You should also have slippers – once you stopped, take off your boots and wear slippers while having rest or preparing dinner).

I reached Samara where my new friend Sergey Sicura already waited for me. Pakha from Yekaterinburg gave me his phone number. He also rode Afrika Twin as I did. I stayed with him for a couple of days to take care of my bike and of my damaged leg. Samara itself is a very beautiful city full of historical places which we visited with Sergey. One of those places was the factory producing beer under the trade-mark “Zhigulyovskoye” – very famous during Soviet times.

The windshield for my bike we bought in the shop selling parts for the snow weasels. And after proper handling it became almost Honda’s windshield. Next stage was the road Samara – Yekaterinburg which I was going to do in one day and that was about 1000 km. The road was very good as my friends told, the only thing – lots of policemen. I started early from Samara, the mood was perfect, the only thing the right leg bothered. While stopped at light signals I almost fell down. I couldn’t wait when I leave the city.

I decided to fill up the phone account. I entered the shop and near the cash desk several girls were choosing the ice-cream. I didn’t pay attention to them. They asked me about my hear do whether it was like was always or after the helmet. I answered those were not my hair but my thoughts that climb out of my head. They smiled. The door of the shop opened and one more of their friend entered. This was the so called fatal meeting as the romantic lovers might say! We didn’t say a word, just looked at each other. We left the shop.

- Let’s go with us to the lake to swim, we’ll eat water-melon.

- No, thanks girls, I’d love to but I have the route … or … – shit, I forgot what to say them as I really wanted to swim in the lake, give the leg some rest and eat a big sweet 12 kilos water-melon – it was in their car’s trunk. – I have a long way, sorry.

- Where are you going?

- To Vladivostok.

- Wow… And where are you from?

- I’m from Kiev.

- ???!!!!!!….

- You’re probably crazy or you was left by the girl-friend… it was not the question but the statement from the girls J

At that very moment such thoughts were in my mind: well, they’ll invite me to the lake where their boy-friends await for them. At best they’ll propose to go away, at worst – don’t even want to know it. Later I remembered my main rout Kiev-Vladivostok-Kiev, but not Kiev-300 km from Samara and I started the engine. And someone answered the girls, not my mind but: I was pleased to meet you, I need to continue my trip. Have a nice day! Gearbox worked out the low, the mid, the third gear…

I thought about this meeting all the 300 km till the next gas station. Good girls, very pleasant, especially I liked the one with dark hair. She has such grey eyes and freckles… I asked the refueller to fill in the full tank with A92 and went to pay to the cash-desk.

(Riding through Russian Federation there is no sense to buy A95, the quality of A92 not worse and sometimes even better. Even in Ukraine I usually buy A92 as actually A95 is A92 + additions, which in some time loose its features and A95 becomes again A92. But the gas-stations with 5 kinds of A95 for your choice are nothing else but breeding for suckersJ)

I exited the cash-desk and… the same car stands on the gas-station where the same girls sat.

- Do you spy on me?

- No need, we just go home.

- Wow, are you local?

- We’re from Yekaterinburg, went to Samara to bowling competition (one of the girls Zhenya was the champion of Russia in this sport and her friends were with her as her fans).

- So why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’d love to accompany you! My personal rules don’t allow me to swim in the lake with stranger-girls. So, what about the lake now? J

-No, thanks, now we need to go home.

- May I make you glad? I also go to Yekaterinburg!

- And what is there?

- My friends. And I need to treat a little my damaged leg as it’s not so comfortable to ride the bike.

We exchanged the phone numbers, decided to call each other for us to meet in Yekaterinburg. But the one with dark hair and grey eyes was sitting in the car and keeping silence. I even didn’t see her at that gas-station.

In 200 km we stopped to drink some tea, I dressed the warm lining under my pants as we were close to the Ural mountains and there was the maximum temperature in summer +20’C. I was met by Pakha (Sedoy) at night and the temperature was +2’C and that was the summer night! J We got acquainted with Pakha and Romka (Barin) at the international motorcycle session Tarasova Gora which is held 160 km from Kiev. I brought them t-shirts specially made for them and 2 liters of home-made vodka which my Dad produced and gave me.

I was in Yekaterinburg for 4 days. I served the bike, looked the city, got acquainted with different interesting people. It’s true that people from the Ural mountains are very hospitable! Pakha and Romka didn’t leave me alone not a minute, they helped me with my bike and settled down my free time. I also called and met with the girls from that gas-station. The girl with dark hair and grey eyes was Marinka. You’ll never believe but when we started chatting with her, in half an hour I understood that such meetings are not accidental. All these 4 days I spent with Her. We talked about everything, watched OUR best movies and listened to OUR best music. Two halves of the apple were cut and sent nowhere separately. And now they appeared together again…

The phone of Pakha called: Sasha (Skif) and Ashot (Goretz) were on their way to Mongolia and also visited Yekaterinburg. Such a meeting!!! So, further we went together. We decided if I or they consider each other not comfortable at riding, so everybody would go his way by his route. I felt lack of guys when I fell near Saratov. I guessed that they already started and we’ll have the same route to Samara. But there were not with me and now it good for me to be without them. KiddingJ! They are really cool guys! It’s funny to ride with them. Moreover Ashot already visited those places, so he knew better how and where to rideJ.

On the way we visited the Irbit moto-session. We didn’t like it as of thefts trying to steal equipment, so we didn’t leave he tents not for a minute… as of intoxicated country-guys rushing around by side-car bikes, sometimes colliding each other head on or smth like that. Moreover, there were lots of policemen there, but there was the feeling they just watched and didn’t do anything. If there were no friends from Yekaterinburg we’d better leave this session the same evening we came there. My helmet was almost stolen! Bitches!!! We just frightened off the bastard, he dropped everything and ran away. And at the neighboring tent someone cut the tent and stole personal clothes and equip. I’ll never go to this Irbit moto-session!

The next day we visited the museum of motorcycles on the territory of the Irbit motorcycle plant. There were lots of old bikes, some of them were not for the masses production as of its expensive technology of reorganization of production process.

The next city we visited was Tyumen’. We were met by Valera (the Priest) at his summer house. They celebrated his son’s birthday, so we came just in time. We were met by the best way as could be. In the morning we went to thermal spring where osteochondral is treated, then – good breakfast and we continued our trip to Omsk. We were met in Omsk by the local moto-club “Siberian Bears”. We were settled at the apartment of one of the members of this club, I was given to drink warm beer as I coughed. In the morning the cough disappeared, as we say “How the cow licked away”. In the morning we went to the service station, then rode around the city. I spread my knowledge in geography by the fact that Omsk is famous not only by its factory “Omskshina”, producing tires, but of such an interesting monument:

The guys from “Siberian Bears” led us out of the city and we started further to the East. We’d go together to Ulan-Ude. As it appeared it was very comfortable for 3 of us to ride together. So, it means we’re professionals!!! J

All the time after taking leave with Malinka I was thinking of her, every hour! I caught my thoughts that everything happens not accidentally. If I didn’t fall down I would not ride a day later, so I didn’t meet that car with the girls, among whom there was that one with dark hair, freckles and grey eyes… who gave me the breath of fresh air and who is in my heart during all my way. You know, it’s a real happiness to wake up in the morning and receive the sms message of such kind: “I’m so glad that you appeared in my life! I wish you easy way and you must know that I’ll wait for you. Return soon. Kiss you!”

To be continuеd….

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  • Lana Cox:

    Hi, I’m the person you talked to at the front desk at AMA. We were all very happy that you stopped here to visit us. Jane, the person who wrote the letter for you to get your visa, was sorry she did not get to meet you. We are enjoying your website, especially the part about how you met Malinka! Congratulations on your marriage!

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