September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

kz September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

Hello my dear friends! Life is interesting and unpredictable at once…

Having rode 150 km away from Astana towards Barnaul (Russia) where on 12th of September I was planning to meet Malinka I have lost the road and broke my left leg. In Ereymentau local hospital I was put a plaster cast on. My rescuers   Misha and Damir have loaded my bike on a truck and took me back to Astana. All the circumstances will be written in a book that I’m going to publish after coming back.

The reason is still unknown but I must ssay that it happened the same way as last year – my front wheel has lost all the air in the twinkling of an eye. Last year it was because of a cheap patch but now I hardly can guess. The tube was brand-new, endurable and w/o any patches. It’s a mystic… As Malinka knew about what happened she has changed a destination point from Altay to Astana and came there with the nearest train. Now she is near – feeds me, heals me. Misha has set aside a rom for this improvised hospital. Many thanks to him!! I lie all the time – the physician suggests to avoid walking. But if I need –the crunches are at my side. Malinka is like a baby-sitter – feeds me, reads me books, tells stories.  We have at least five days to spend here. Then there will be an x-ray, I’ll put on a  plastic support and a XC-boot of 45-46 size and ride on. To my regtrat Mongolia will be outlisted from my plans. It’s unsuggested to strain my leg at the nearest month.  That’s why the route will be: Barnaoul – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk – Ulan-Ude – Chita – Habarovsk – Vladivostok.

To the attention of those who lives in cities mentioned above  –  I’m ready to change a set of tires reserved for Mongolia[ Mitas E09 (90/90-21, 140/80-17), almost new (100 km traveled)] for something useful for highway.

I’m going to get on with the travel on apx. 20-th of September. Still I have to have Calcium amd Malinka in equal parts – shaked, not stirred )). Wish you all to have such a caring person as my Malinka. God is on our side!!

RG100855 1024x768 September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

Misha and Damir came to Ereymentau to take me and my Africa to Astana. They say it happened because I have spent mot much time there.

RG100858 e1284542505363 1024x933 September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

The plaster was laid fast and in proper way.

RG150876 952x1024 September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

Malinka is here!!

RG150890 1024x768 September 14th 5750 km, Kazakhstan

She said it will heal soon

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