September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

kz1 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

Hey guys!

For the first I’d like to thank that most hospitable man Mihail Mihajlovich Slish.  Many thanks for letting me and Malinka live at his home. Many thanks and great appreciation. Due to people like him one can travel without fears and the world becomes better!! Of course many thanks to Malinka for the support, wisdom, love and caring about my incapable leg. I LOVE YOU with all capacity of my soul!!  You’re my treasure On Sunday 19th of September we went to a repeated x-ray-graphy. A physician sentenced that the leg is becoming better. Put on a new plaster and told to wait one week more what I gladly did. Vneiamin and Gennadij from Astana have managed to get me a pair of XC-boots of XL size. A boot holds a leg in plaster so well that let me walk without crunches! The most intricacy was why did the front wheel lose all the air in a moment. The reason was a chineese  tube of cheap price and third-rate quality. In spite of it was marked as “enduro” and was bought at Vemoto. We found not penetration but a real fissure of two centimeters length. There was no pierces in a tire – the tube just could not stand.  Do not buy any chineese tires but well-known brands. What for other damages – there was nothing excepting a head of a kick-stand that cracked and lost. I m very grateful to Sergey from Astana for welding a new one. Now my machine is ready to go on. September 25th The world tour continues!!

RG190976 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

I was brought a XC boots

RG220983 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

I start disassembling my front wheel. I put on a new 45 (XL) XC boots and attempt a FIRST  WALK WITHOUT CRUNCHES!!!

My genuine boots are luggage and will pe worn as soon as I will get rid of the plaster

RG220984 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

Getting to the cause of crash. It’s good to assemble wheel-sets when there is a rubber-covered floor in garage. In fact Uncle Misha’s garage is a kind of magic places where you can find anything. And stay clean.

RG221000 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

That is the cause of my fall.

RG220991 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

Damir’s exreriments on rear wheel. A foam for aluminum rims clean works perfrectly!

RG220993 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

This grouse failed to cross the road. Still it’s on time for dinner!

Unkle Misha prepares it for a new life as meal telling me: “What a pity… you will leave and tomorrow we’ll have wildfowl”

RG220998 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

“So small… so delicious…”

RG190950 1024x768 September 23rd Kazakhstan 5750 km

Malinka has healed me. For two weeks she was at my side  taking care of me. She brought me fruits and supplies, and was feeding me. Thank you my sweetheart, love you. You are my guardian-angel!

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