September 9th 2010; 5600 km, Kazakhstan

Hello, my friends!

In Alma-Ata I have spent an outstanding day with a wonderful guy Serik. He was truly hospitable and his wife has performed a really delicious dinner.

He took me to the mountains and showed me the world most high-altituded skating stadium Medeo. A funicular railway brought me almost to the ski resort! Then we har an excursion to a broadcast tower. By the tower there was an entertaining park and a street with souvenir dealers. Hardly I could halt a wish to buy something. It’s too complicated to take souvenirs and drag them through borders and customs. Besides my bike is not a truck and it feels happier when I eat the supplies or put on some warm clothes – the cases may be closed easier). Talking about the supplies – I have consumed the dried meat my father has given. Smack!

So next day I came to Dima Petruhin’s office where a meeting with journalists was held. After telling some stories for camera I left Alma-Ata. As it became regular I stayed at night at steppe. During all night there was a strange feeling that someone is walking around my tent. It happens sometimes in spite of that I try to arrange a night stop in a way to meet as less people as possible.

Having had a dinner I met the guys from Balkhash. Many thanks to Alexey aka Freeman for his hospitability – he insisted on spending a night at his home in spite of my attempts to set a camp at the site of the lake. Next morning I had a meeting with local TV channel, an interview and headed to Astana.

I have never had such a tough day…Having left Balkhash I noticed the temperature was nearly +30C. Nearly the capital it decreased to +9! Twice I was close to lose the road because of wind. The road was laid down a nice slope and  I felt too lazy to stop and search for warm lining and as a result I freezed like a Mougly in Siberia! At the city I was met by Misha – very positive hospitable guy. He booked me a room in a hotel – considering that I got freezed to bones it was the nicest present for a number of days!

Next day I spent at Misha and his friend Damir. They showed me an oceanarium and made one more present – a haircut (see photo).

In the morning having packed my things and had breakfast with Misha, Damir and Veniamin I came to a post office to stamp my colors.

Leaving the city headed to Teletskoe lake Altay where I will meet my Malinka. Now I’ve got to make my bike ready for Mongolia.

t September 9th 2010; 5600 km, Kazakhstan

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